About Jerusalem Leaders Summit

The International Leaders Summit launched the first Jerusalem Leaders Summit’s Public Policy Event on November 3-4, 2015. Leaders from Europe, Israel and the US convened in Israel to affirm our common, rule-of-law civilization, based on shared principles and values. The two consecutive Summits in 2015 and 2016 focused on advancing principled solutions to the most pressing challenges of the day.

The Third Jerusalem Leaders Summit (JLS) scheduled for November 2018, provides leaders from Europe, India, Israel, the UK and the US with a unique platform to present principled solutions to the 21st century’s global threats and security challenges. The strategic high-level forum will focus on strengthening the rule of law, removing obstacles to economic freedom and free trade, as well as feature contributions from the fields of innovation and technology that benefit individuals around the world.

The third JLS will specifically feature Israel’s vital contributions in the fields of agriculture, health care, technology and security, including the resources invested in addressing water scarcity, and related innovations which have significantly improved the quality of life within Israel and beyond its borders.

The Summit builds upon high-level meetings in Europe and the United States. These meetings brought together members of the US Congress and Europe’s elected leaders and officials representing European Union institutions and national parliaments, joined by entrepreneurs, business, think tank and media leaders from Europe and the United States in addressing key issues facing citizens and stakeholders on the economic and security fronts.



Natasha Srdoc

Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit


Joel Anand Samy

Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit