About Jerusalem Leaders Summit

The International Leaders Summit and its strategic partners launched the first Jerusalem Leaders Summit’s Public Policy Event on November 3-4, 2015. Leaders from Europe, Israel and the United States convened in Israel to affirm the common civilization based on the rule of law and the shared principles, and to focus on challenges with an emphasis on advancing principled solutions.

At the second Jerusalem Leaders Summit scheduled for December 19-20, 2016, leaders from Europe, India, Israel and the United States will address the 21st century’s global threats and security challenges, the weakening of the rule of law, and obstacles to economic freedom and free trade. They will highlight the benefits of economic freedom and present the contributions of innovation and technology that benefit citizens around the world.

The Summit builds upon high-level meetings in Europe and the United States. These meetings brought together US Senators, members of the US House of Representatives and Europe’s elected representatives, joined by think tank and media leaders from Europe and the United States in addressing key issues facing citizens and stakeholders on the economic and security fronts.



Natasha Srdoc

Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit


Roger Helmer

Member of the European Parliament, United Kingdom


Yasmine Dehaene

Executive Director, Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe


Joel Anand Samy

Co-Founder, International Leaders Summit

Becky Norton Dunlop

Becky Norton Dunlop

Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow The Heritage Foundation

2016 Summit

The Jerusalem Leaders Summit co-hosted by the International Leaders Summit, Alliance for Direct Democracy in Europe (ADDE) and strategic partners from Europe, India, Israel and the US will focus on public policy issues addressing the rule of law, economic freedom, technology and security. The audience for the summit will include international participants expected from tEurope, India, Israel and the United States.

The co-organizers believe that the Summit event in Jerusalem, Israel, will provide a strategic platform to affirm the common civilization based on the foundation of the rule of law – protecting life, liberty and private property. Speakers will engage with leading voices and key stakeholders i the areas of foreign policy, global security, economic growth solutions, technology and the significance of strengthening Israel’s security and sovereignty.